Have you ever wondered how entire nations of people could rally behind the leadership of a mad man. I was recently watching a documentary about Hitler. Clearly this man was jacked up and had some major issues, but there is a major life lesson to be learned from Hitler. During this documentary it was obvious Hitler possessed four traits of leadership that are undeniable. These four traits explain his rise to power and how millions of people could follow him regardless of his insanity.  

Four Leadership Lessons From Hitler. 

1. Although he was crazy he projected CALM instead of CRAZINESS. People naturally follow the leadership of someone who is calm when everything and everyone else is freaking out. 

2. He projected CONFIDENCE instead of COWARDICE. The people rallied around this confidence that the world be better for them. He casted positive vision for the people to follow.  

3. He projected CLARITY instead of CONFUSION. His vision was clear and he was the man with a plan. He even wrote about his vision and plan while in prison long before he ever rose to power. He had a plan, casted the plan calmly, with confidence that the plan could be achieved and was crystal clear about the plan. Everyone knew the objective and how to achieve the objective. 

4. He projected COMPETENCE instead of CLUMSINESS. Hitler proved his plan to work for the German people. The economy thrived during his reign, they led the world in innovation, and conquered a larger majority of Europe. 



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