There are some DUH's when it comes to sin... there is a cause and effect. Well DUH, right!  Everyone knows that...But here is what most don't know...We blindly look at what the sin is and say that is the cause, when in reality what the sin really the effect. The cause of all sin in the world from the beginning with Adam and Eve is a lack mentality. Sin ultimately is an attempt to fill a lack in your life. Here's the deal...The lack mentality always falls back to Jesus. Jesus has put the desires in you which gives way to Satan using them to spotlight lack.  

Think about this, Adam and Eve were already walking with God, were holy, were righteous, were perfect and without sin. They were already like God because they were made in his image. Look at what the serpent did...the fruit in the garden was never the temptation, it wasn't like that particular fruit was more glorious and appealing than any other fruit. Heres the thing, it wasn't up until that time when the serpent revealed a lack in their life, that that one particular fruit became appealing. 

Porn doesn't become appealing until a lack in your life is exposed. If a man looks at porn it's because his sex life is lacking something that he is finding in the porn while having sex with himself. Here is the big kicker...God put the desire for sex in you. Sex is a form of worshiping him, but Satan has caused you to view your sexual worship as lacking something.  Men try to deal with the addiction of porn by removing anything that could tempt them with porn in their life. Now the remedy of the effect which was based on lack, is more lack.  Too often we look at the temptation as the cause of the sin. 

Stealing isn't appealing until a lack is exposed. If a man steals...the money at the bank is only the effect. The cause of the stealing is a lack mentality about something missing in their life. God's provision is not LACKS what the theif feels they need. 

Every sin has a cause and effect and the normal M.O is to believe the effect is the cause and to focus on it. While  the real cause is never addressed.  You will never be able to address sin areas in your life until you realize that your sin is caused by mentality that you carry about God that is lacking. 

Alcohol doesn't become appealing in the way it does to a drunk until after a lack is exposed in their life. If you drink, the alcohol is not the cause of the problem. I have family that were on and off again drunks. They were constantly falling off the wagon. When life was good, they were sober. When life started to become difficult they were drunks. When they were sober, they would go to extreme lengths to remove any presence of alcohol in their life. I can remember that I had to get rid of any alcohol in my house so they wouldn't be tempted. So their fix to the problem is to lack and to cause others around them to lack.  The addiction of alcohol is caused by a lack mentality. This lack mentality could be for any number of reasons...I didn't have the childhood I should have had, I didn't have, I didn't have will always hear that statement.  

Jails are overcrowded by men and women who comited crimes because the lack mentality was never addressed.  Even criminals who do hard time, come out of prison, and have a hard time adjusting because their outside life lacks what their incarcerated life had. Structure and Discipline. If you have sin areas in your life that you want to address here is two tips that you find helpful.

1. Always remember that your sin has been covered by the blood of Jesus. It has been paid for. It has been forgotten. If you are trying to fix a sin area in your life and you find yourself falling short...this is normal. You will ALWAYS fall short of fixing yourself. If we could keep the law, then we would have! Obviously we suck at keeping the law. 

2. The sin in your life is always caused by something you lack. Every sin, even the little white lie is caused by you lacking the courage to simply tell the truth and take the consequences. Every sin is caused by a lack. If you want to address sin areas, address the lack. When you realize that you lack nothing thru Christ, you will realize that your desire for that sin will no longer exist. 

3. Satan is not like God. He doesn't know your thoughts. He was never given that power by God. He can't read your heart and mind they way Jesus can. Satan wants you think he has all this power, he doesn't. The power he has is to expose lack and to manipulate the desires and word of God. The only way he knows what your if YOU TELL HIM!