FOCENSITY? What is it...A made up word...kind of. I have a friend of mine who makes commercials and in one of the commercials for a bar, one of the bar tenders jokes about his FOCENSITY being 111%. While in the background, he is ignoring all the activities of the customers trying to get his attention at the bar. So what does FOCENSITY have to do with anything....the answer is simple...EVERYTHING!

As you start this new year with your list of resolutions..,if you were to pinpoint the one reason why you still have the same resolutions from last year and the year guess the one reason would be that you lost your FOCENSITY.

It is amazing how in life what is in front us keeps our attention. Since the reason for not following thru with resolutions boils down to losing your focus...what do you have to do to keep you focus?

The Apostle Paul openly communicated his priorites. He talked about them all the time, and the accomplishments and glory from the past he counted as rubbish. Now that word the orginial lanugage is SKUBALA. The real translation of that world is S#@!.. Garbage... Crap...the point is... it counted for nothing moving forward. Paul wanted to know Christ, experience his power, share in and complete his suffering, and ultimtely be conformed to his death. This was his RESOLUTION! He wasn't trying to loose weight, gain more stuff, payoff debt, focus more on himself or anything else. His RESOLUTION was to know and experince Christ in completeness.  Paul was a man on a mission, and he narrowed his wedge and his focus to the essentials. He was successfull by all accounts. So what was his secret that we can learn to apply to our FOCENSITY?

There were three things that helped the Apostle Paul keep his FOCENSITY...

1. HE DISCERNED WHAT HINDERED HIM! Paul had to let go of all the things he once cherished, considering them distractions. He basically added more MARGIN to his life. MARGIN is the space between our load in life and our limits in life. It is the amount allowed beyond that which is needed. It is something held in reserve for continegncies and unanticipated situations. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion...the space between breathing freely and suffocating.

2. HE DISCOVERD WHAT HE WANTED! Paul wanted God's righteousness, not his own. Christ became his solitary pursuit. One the biggest obstacles to focus is truly deciding what you want. When you really know what you want, when something else comes along, it won't grab your attention. If really really want to lose weight and get in shape the donut shouldn't be able to take me away from that resolution.

3. HE DETERMINED HOW TO GET IT! With single-minded PASSION, Paul forgot the past and pursued the prize of his call. You have have plan and then work your plan. It is not enough to simply want...As my mom used to say people in hell want ice water but they don't always get it! Every house that is ever built starts with a set of blue-prints. The end is determined first, which determines where to start. Until you have a blue print for your resolution you won't be successfull because you won't have a starting point, and definitely not an ending point.

How about you? Have you narrowed your FOCENSITY? Can you list your priorities on one hand? What are you pursuing?
Happy new year! I figure today is probably the official first real day of the new year for most of you... as some of  you might have been recovering from a hangover yesterday. So today is the real day one of your New Year's resolutions. The thing with resolutions... is we're super excited in the very beginning and then we fizzle out.  Now, some of us fizzle out a lot sooner than others, but it's inevitable. If you look back at the end of the year 9 out of 10 people never finish the year strong. They never complete the resolutions that they had when the year started. And thus every year you find yourself re-resolving your prior year resolutions. This is the year that is going to change, we tell ourselves. Then come the end of the year, we reflect and can see how much we got off course.

I believe the reason why this happens is because of a lack of focus. See… life ends up getting in the way and it takes our focus off of our resolutions. I have come to learn this in my life… that I focus on what is in front of me. This also explains why our resolutions that we made but didn't keep become so clear at the end of the year...Because our focus is on them at that moment of reflection. So there has got to be a better way to keep your resolutions, because the reality is...if your gonna make them and not keep them, by bother at all! 

None of us ever start the year with the attitude of wasting time in mind. No we start the year off we a fresh attitutde, and a new outlook. So what is it going to take for you to k your focus on your resolutions. My suggestion....A LIFE PLAN!  To be success you at your resolutions you have to always know what they are and where you stand. It is critical to keep your resolutions always in front of you. So today's post is going to be more of a how to post to help you keep your resolutions for the year.

Here is what I do to help me keep my focus on my resolutions for the year. I write out a simple one-page life plan for the year. There are few categories that I specifically focus on my life plan. The categories are spiritual, personal, marriage, financial, professional, and books to read for the year. In each category I put three or four goals or resolutions that I have. I also try to put a timeline with the resolution. For example if one of my personal goals is to work out more for the year and to lose 30 pounds.… Then I will put a timeframe for that goal I will say I want to lose 10 pounds per quarter of the year. This also builds in margin for when you fall of the wagon...because it is going to happen.

In addition to resolutions in the categories, and the time line, let me also suggest adding in your life plan how you plan to celebrate each victory. When you loose the first 10lbs how are you going to celebrate that? You need to have victory parties, it helps you keep your vision clear, and when your vision is clear....your motivation  clear.

Now… I know some of you are not avid readers, and so books to read for the year may not make your life plan. I want to encourage you, that if you are not an avid reader to consider making 2012 a year that you read more. Here are some stats about reading… Reading a book a week about a specific topic for 12 months is the equivalent of a bachelor's degree education in that topic. If you are a man and a leader, learning and reading leadership lessons from other leaders is a must. You literally can change your entire thought process and focus… just by reading.

Here is a thought from King Solomon (the wisest person to ever live!) Wisdom makes the difference. Leadership begins with our thoughts even before our actions when our mind and our attitudes are right, we position ourselves to lead well.  Wisdom desires to be the best friend of any leader. Wise leaders also have discernment in relationships,  hatred for what is wrong, and influence... a wise leader reads! (Proverbs 8:15,16)

I want to encourage you with your life plan to put a copy of it everywhere you spend time. But copy of it in your wallet that way every time you open your wallet you're reminded of your life plan. Put a copy on your dresser, put copy in your bathroom, put copy where ever you need to for it to be in front of you so it keeps your focus.

Your life plan is not meant to be a complex document. It's not something that that needs to be professional.  It just needs to be some of your resolutions on paper in front of you with goals and make them realistic!

I know that this year is a year of change and a year of completion.