Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by what God was doing around you that you felt like you couldn't do anything? There is a story of a prophet named Amos who felt this way. Imagine how overwhelmed Amos must have as God had threatened to annihilate Israel (Amos 7:1-6)  He had already warned the people of judgement, now it had arrived. What could he, one man do? 

The only thing he could do was to beg God to forgive. Amos prayed for his people with compassion and honesty. Tiny Israel, he said, "would not survive judgement." Twice Amos, interceded and twice God withdrew His judgement. Amos stepped in between the people and God, and negotiated their survival. 

Prayer changes things. Amos shows us what to do with impossible problems. Of course, prayer doesn't take the place of solid leadership; Amos continued to perform his job of truth telling to the people . Yet he reminds us how powerful our prayers can be in the face of trouble. Sometimes we have no idea what kind of changes we orchestrate or what kind of pain we spare others by what we do in our prayer closet!  

I normally don't do this...but for this I will make an exception. You have got to check out daily this new website http://www.onthespotprayer.com You can share your prayers with the world to pray for you. You can step up as prayer partner and take the time to pray for some one else. 

There is real power in prayer and in agreement about prayer. God literally appointed prayer warriors to annoy him with your prayers. He wants to be bothered by it. He loves it! Will you take the time today to check it out and book mark it as one of your daily sites to visit. This will help jump start your prayer life.