What is a miracle? As I reflect on this Christmas season I can't help but think about the miracle to man that was Jesus.  I mean he did so much for man kind. He was 33 when he died. He was 30 when his ministry really took off and here we are 2000 years later still talking and celebrating him. We literally celebrate his birth every year for a month, and celebrate him and what he did every weekend. 

As I sit here typing this...enjoying a cup of hot tea, and reflecting by the fireplace...I realized something about miracles. We all want miracles to happen in our lives. And sometimes we have an opportunity to experience one, while majority of the time we are praying for one. 

As I look back at Jesus and all the miracles he performed, I noticed that all of the miracles performed never moved a person further ahead...all they ever did was  catch a person up. 

For example, when Jesus healed the lame, that was miracle...but in reality they shouldn't have been lame to begin with. As he healed the ear of the guard that was cut off, the ear was simply restored. It wasn't like the guard was given a 2nd new set of ears to be further ahead in hearing than others. Nope that didn't at all..he was simply restored to where he was to begin with. 

As I reflected on this, I couldn't help but wonder about all the people that are praying for a miracle to happen for all the wrong reasons. I wan't a million dollars for this and for that...I want this and that....and iIf we are honest that is really the core of the request for a miracle. It's all about what we want. You want a million dollars, but can you really be trusted with a million?  Can God really trust with excess when you aren't trustworthy with the little you have ? How can God give you more than you capacity? The excess would be nothing short of waste!

I believe a miracle is directly linked to two things. 

The first is a NEED to be restored to where you should have been, it's not about what you want, it's about what is MISSING.  The people didn't really want Jesus, because they killed him... however what was missing with the people was Jesus. And look at Jesus' life. He restored the people to where they should have been all the way back to the very beginning from the Garden. He didn't advance them at all, He simply restored what was theirs to begin with. He restored the promises of God, that had been missing in their lives. And heres the thing...it was wasn't what they wanted, it was what they needed! 

The second is your capacity to accept the restoration. Too often we want the excess and look the restored portion in the mouth. Being restored simply is not good enough. The Jews looked the restoration in the mouth and took Jesus for granted and killed him. They were looking for the excess. They were looking for the King to come on white horse...not a donkey. They were looking for a king to wear a crown of gold and jewels...not thorns. To this day, Jews have a hard time accepting Jesus because they still are looking for the excess... because the restoration of what was, is simply not good enough. Being able to see again, isn't good enough, they wan't super x-ray vision...not just regular vision. They lacked the capacity to accept the miracle of restoration. Their lack of acceptance was what prevented the miracle to happen. The crazy thing was the miracle was right there...in front of them! 

If you are looking for a miracle in your life, look at the areas where you need to be restored and not what you want...and above all else be willing to be accept the restoration. Don't let the desire for the excess to blind you to the miracle right in front you.