1 Cor 13:8 But Love will last forever! 

Love has to power to heal every relationship and any situation. Love is the foundation by which we are to live our lives and validate our faith. Love was summed up by Jesus as being the most important command, and later by the Apostle Paul as proof of our faith.  Yet for most people love is defined by a feeling instead of an action. 

Unfortunately, for so many our actions don't match our feelings...which is why we feel like our love is failing. When I read 1 Cor 13:4-7 the Apostle Paul is very clear in defining love as being actionable on our part. The Apostle Paul describes love in two ways for us. What Love doesn't do and what Love does do. For our love to win we have to add action to it. 

1) Love is patient.  Sometimes we get irritated or angered by others., and we don't know why. Much of our irritability comes from a personal love of perfection...a deep desire that programs, meetings and structures be run perfectly. A desire to run things perfectly often erupts into anger at events or people who get in the way or ruin that desire. Our love perfection is really control issue which is the opposite of patience. 

Patience is often translated into "long suffering" an attribute of God. So often in our desire for perfection be fail to remember that perfection only exists with God. We need to love him and others more than the visions we have for perfection here on earth. 

2) Love is kind. Kindness takes the initiative in responding generously to others' needs before our own. What drives our action of kindness is the receipt of kindness. Its easy give back what you have first received. What we fail to recognize however is that we are looking to receive something from someone else instead of what we have already received by the Father. Kind love is gentle and mild, always ready to show compassion, especially to those in need. 

3. Love is not jealous. The jealous person desires what another has. This was a particular problem in the church in Corinth. Those with "lesser gifts" envied those with "greater gifts". Envy comes from a lack mentality. Another way to look at it is like this...the other person was more important to God than you because they received "greater gifts" and you received perceived "lesser gifts" The lack comes from you not valuing you enough and a result you believe God must not value you enough either. Its a pride of live issue. And a result, the seeds of envy will always lead to anger and hatred...weeds of jealously. 

4. Love is not boastful or proud. While some believers may have a problem with envy, those with the perceived 'greater gifts" may have the problem of boasting or pride. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are doing someone else a favor and that they should somehow be grateful to you. Being boastful and pride, the "look what I did" mentality will always lead you to believing that you are far superior to others. 

5.) Love is not rude. Actions that are improper, impolite, discourteous, or crude. It is important for us to be careful to act in a manner worthy of our calling before God as it actions of love prove our faith. 

6.) Love does not demand it's own way. Love looks outs for others seeking their best interests first. It's a willingness to give up for ourselves for sake of others. It boils down to this you either want what you want or you want to be right. Most of time, we want both, but both are the same road going in opposite directions. Our desire to be right, to have our way often leads to us not getting what we want. If you are always right, then someone else is always wrong! 

7.) Love is not irritable...meaning easily angered. The only reason why you get angry is because something didn't or hasn't gone your way! 

8.) Love keeps no record of when it has been wronged. Such people will remember ever offense against them as though it were written in a book and tallied. This always leads to harbored feelings of resentment. Love, however, makes allowances for peoples flaws and willingly forgets when wrongs are done. This frees use to mature in Christ and to grow in our ability to serve and use our gifts. The connection is that God keeps no records of our wrongs as believers, because he LOVED us to send his son...a piece of him... to die for us. For us to grow is for us to love others in a way that allows a piece of us to die on the cross as Christ did, for us to keep no records of wrongs. The ultimate act of love is for one to sacrifice his life for another. 

Love in the relationship is NEVER about you, it is ALWAYS about the other person. That is why love always wins when two people focus on love above all else. They are naturally  focusing on each other more than themselves. It boils down to this. The attributes of what Love isn't can be viewed as lusting for what we want. Every aspect of what Love is not is focused on self. We must always be evaluating our love, letting it be displayed in a way that proves our faith to be real. Is your display of love really lusting for what you want or is it for what God wants? 

Look for part two tomorrow. 

Several leaders in the bible qualify as "nobodies" They never became famous, like Moses, David, Peter or Paul. Instead they remained obscure even though they played a vital role in the kingdom.  

Case in point...Epaphroditus. Epaphroditus is only mentioned in the book of Philippians. No books were ever written about him, to him or by him. No statues or memorials were erected in remembrance of him. For all intensive purposes...He was a "nobody"...who became a "somebody" to the Apostle Paul. Epaphroditus ran from Philippi to Rome to join the Apostle Paul in prison and ministers to him. He also carried Paul's letter back to the Philippians. 

Not everyone is called by God like Moses, David, Peter or Paul. However everyone is called by God to be a somebody. The difference between being a "nobody" and a "somebody" is our response. The difference is how we choose to give ourselves away. 

Here is four things I want you to know today about how Paul describes Epaphroditus. 

1. A People Lover. The Apostle Paul calls him a minister. There is no other mention of him at all anywhere else in the bible. He is not mentioned as a disciple, a religious leader, is was a nobody who responded. Even great leaders need ministering. Epaphroditus loved people enough to minister to Paul as Paul ministered to people. My prayer is that as a church we all become people lovers. 

2.  A Risk Taker.  Paul calls him a soldier. He kept risking his life when most would have run the other way. Our faith should embolden us to become risk takers. My prayer is that as a church we realize that without risk we fail. We should always be willing to bet the farm on Jesus. 

3. A Tireless Worker. Paul calls him a fellow worker. Epaphroditus became ill to the brink of death because of his work for the kingdom but that didn't stop him. He became distressed because he heard the people heard he was sick. His love for the people pushed him even harder. He was tireless in his work for the kingdom. There will be times when it seems like you will want to throw the towel in...To give up. It may seem like the work you are doing is not bearing fruit, or not bearing fruit fast enough. We live in a results driven fast paced world. My prayer is that as a church we remain tireless in or work for the kingdom...in our pursuit of reaching the lost. That our focus because we love Jesus remains fixated on who Jesus loves. That in our times of distress we push ourselves even harder. 

4. A Servant-Leader. Paul calls him a messenger. Without Epaphroditus serving Paul the church in Philippi would not have received Paul's letter to them. As a result of Paul tells the church to give him a hero's welcome.  Epaphroditus both led and served as he became a great spokesman for the church. My prayer is that as we the church both led and serves that we will all become great spokesmen for the kingdom. That at the end of our lives what is said about us is that we were messengers for Christ. 

Do you _____________________(fill in the blank) take this ________________(fill in your spouses name)  to be your _________________(fill in your spouses role) to love them, to honor them ...For better or for worse...for richer or for poorer...in sickness and in health...By power vested with the authority of God I now pronounce you husband and wife. . Beautiful vows! It's the best part of the entire wedding ceremony. We go through so much just to get the point of saying those vows to our loved one. 

The thing about our wedding day is that it is one of the happiest days of our lives. There is an excitement in the air about a new beginning, about starting with a clean slate in the relationship and in the eyes of God. Everything that happened prior to the marriage was before you were all in....committed with 100% of who you are in front of the world and in the front of God. There is something amazing about seeing your spouse either standing at the alter waiting for you, or walking down the aisle looking like an angel that just stepped right our of heaven. Remember what you were thinking right at that moment. I do! I remember thinking I am the luckiest person in the whole world. God loved me enough to give me my spouse. I remember thinking I am going to be the best husband a wife could want. I am going to treat her like a queen.

Sometimes I reflect on that day as I face trials in my marriage. Not everyday is fun when being married. There are some really hard days where tensions are high, the enemy is attacking and honestly the feeling of why bother, or I quit is trying to fight it's way in. Maybe you have felt this way. Maybe you are feeling this way now. 

Just this morning my wife and I were talking about our wedding vows. I don't ever recall committing to God leave my wife when is she sick, or when she is worse, or poorer. I made a decision with my life to God and my wife. To love her and honor her when she is worse, when she is sick and when she is poor. It is during those down times that my love, and honor to her and God has an opportunity to shine the brightest. The decision I have to make in reality is actually an attitude one. My attitude drives my character and my character drives my actions. If my attitude towards my spouse during the down times is "peace out" then my character and my actions clearly show me as a liar and person who gets going when the times get tough. 

Its is during those tough times I may possible miss out on the greatest acts of God in my marriage if my attitude is not on point. I can't control my spouse (as much as I would love to sometimes) but I can control ME. I can control my attitude and my faith to see and experience God move in my marriage. I have learned a wonderful thing about the tough times in my marriage. When I feel like I am on empty, and nothing left in my spirit to give, and I keep my attitude focused on looking up and searching for God more, it is then that God steps in with an infinite reserve tank. I experience him in a fresh ways as I learn to rely on him and trust him as he honors the marriage vows. 

I have come to learn that God wants you to have a great marriage. He is willing to step in and fight your marriage and he never gives up. His attitude never changes. His love never stops. He offers a hope that only he alone can offer when you feel like you are done.  All you have to do is look up instead of looking down.  

"The love of God revealed in Jesus Christ is his total unconditional self-giving to mankind, love in which he does not withhold himself from loving to the utmost or cut short its full movement, and it is upon that love that our hope of redemption and resurrection is grounded. It is the love of the eternally self-affirming and self-giving God, and so the love he pours out freely upon us through the Holy Spirit is love that affirms itself as love against all that is not love or resists his love. ... He does not hold back his love from the sinner, for he cannot cease to be the God who loves and loves unreservedly and unconditionally." (T. F.Torrance,The Christian Doctrine of God, 246)

How do you handle Gods love? I believe that most people are settling for God's Sent Love. That is God sent his son to die on the cross for you. That is the love we cling to for our salvation, hope, our purpose. But is there more to God's love than what has already been done for you? What about the love of God yet to be done for you? Most of us affirm with our minds that Gods love is never ending for us, but our experiences often paint us a different picture. 

Why do I say this? Because if we actually experienced God's love in this way—if we actually understood and experienced his self-giving, sending, and missional nature in our relationship with him—our lives would be overflowing with love for others. We would be missional Christians because we know up close and personal the sending love of the Spirit.

But we settle for second-hand love. We settle for the "sent" love, the knowledge that God "sent" his Son and gave himself in the past tense, and therefore we make Christianity and discipleship (or spiritual formation) into a self-focused discipline of remembering what was done in the past for us. As a result, our response to the love of this past is little more than a bunch of "oughts." We ought to obey. We ought to be missional. We ought to serve the poor. We ought to witness. We ought to worship.

Because our basis for God's love is on past experiences we often mistake poor substitutes for God's love in the present. We lack experiencing God's love and therefore look for God's love in all the wrong places. We look for second rate approval by staying busy, entertainment, work, achievements, etc. instead of going "All In" and experiencing God's love. I'm thankful for the past and what Jesus did for us on the cross. There has never and never will be a greater act of love. But the love displayed on the cross is so great that it has enduring, ongoing, and present-day life. We experience its power right here, right now. God's love cannot be limited to a transaction that happened years ago. It's an ongoing reality, a personal experience of "God's empowering presence"
What do you focus on in your marriage? Your rights or your responsibilities? So many of us find ourselves focusing on our rights. It's all about what we want, what we disire and expect from our spouse.  Our unmet expectations is often the source of our greatest conflicts. My wife isn't living up to what I expected of her.... my husband has let me down....so often I hear statmentst like these from couples whose marriages aren't living up to what they each expected it would. How about you? Is your marriage living up to what you dreamed. Is it meeting all your expectations? Notice how questions like these cause us to think and spotlight our desires and not those of Jesus.

Here's a question... is your marriage living up to what Jesus wants? The fact that there is next to no difference in the divorce rate of "Christians" and "non-Christians" is appalling! So why is this the case? Because our marriages don't reflect the compassion of Christ...instead they embody the conflict of Satan. Marraige quickly becomes all about me and less about what the other person wants. We are quick to anger and slow to forgive and forget...and it's because we lack the compassion and humility of Christ.

Here are some thoughts from Philippians 2:1-11

1. How do you encourage each other in the marriage? Show me a man that is encouraged by his wife who thinks he can do anything, and I will show you man that can conquer the world. On the flip side, show me a woman who is not lifted up by her husband, and I will show you a woman who is defeated. Christ has got to be the center of your encouragement in your marriage for your marriage to make it. PERIOD!

2. How do you fellowship with one another? Are you spending more time away from your wife and talking about your wife to your friends than you are her? Women, are you spending more time at your prayer group talking to them about your husband instead of talking to him? Men, what have you placed as priority in front of your wife? Women, are you children top priority over your husband? Just because you may be a mother doesn't mean you stop being a wife. God first, Husband & Marriage second, Kids third....so many marriages are destroyed because of the priority of the kids have become first...Let me just ask this question...do you really want your kids to grow up in a broken marriage so they can learn from your example? Is that the priority you want for your children? If your marriage is going to make it you have to fellowship with one another. Jesus own words...where two or more are gathered in my name I am THERE...

3. How much compassion do you show? The real question is how forgiving are you...or do you hold your spouses mistakes over their head? Do you create an expectation of your spouse that they can't never live up to and thats why it seems they are always letting you down? Here is a reality check. If you were to stand next to Jesus would you be mistaken for his twin? NOT AT ALL!!! You are not that great! Humility creates compassion. Remembering how you have been forgiven causes humility. If you marriage is going to make it you need to have the compassion and the forgiveness of Christ as your focus.

4. Are you seeking your ambitions or your spouses? At the end of the day most marriages look like this...one person has given up his or her dream for the other person. They put their ambitions on the back bunner, and here's the reality...most people will hold resentment as a result. Men... 9 times out of 10, your spouse is not that interested in watching you do something like fishing or playing video games. She may say with a smile on her face she is...but she is BORED out of her mind. Women....men don't want to want to do the dishes. When both spouses are seeking each others ambitions its amazing how those ambitions seem to open up to Jesus. Your spouse is your help mate and you have a purpose that Jesus has set before you. Always remember that.
A leader's relationship with God shapes his perspective. King David's dynamic and intimate relationship with God shaped his perspectives on life. He was the King of Israel and knew that he wasn't alone in life. He rejoiced that he could draw upon God's infinite wisdom...that he could never out run God...that he could count on God's power whenever he NEEDED IT. The King and Leader of Israel had a leader himself...GOD! 

This is what I find happens in so many people's lives...they believe God exists but not for them in the everyday sense. They believe but their perspective about God is jacked up. Majority of the time...shame is what shapes our perspective about God...not the relationship with God.  

Here are 6 points to help you strengthen your relationship with God and change your perspective about God. 

1. God knows our every thought, every word, every move. There is nothing you can think, say, or do that God isn't already aware of...and here's the deal...we believe that because we have certain thoughts, or say certain things, or act a certain way that God has some how stopped loving us. We literally believe that we somehow have the power to cancel out the act of LOVE that God did by sending his son to die on the cross. We believe that somehow our shame we feel because of our thoughts, words and actions...disqualify us from the redeeming power of the cross. When in fact, we are the very reason for the cross.  

2. God directs us no matter where we go.  God is ALWAYS WITH YOU! He never leaves you! It is amazing to me about how quick we are to think that God has somehow abandoned us when we screw up. I fight this thought everyday...because I screw up everyday! The thought I have to always fight is that because I screwed up God has stopped loving me and that he is no longer with me. Here is something to keep in mind...if God is only with us when we are "GOOD" then the focus becomes always about us and what we do...and not GOD and what HE DID! Do you think any father that loved the world so much to send his son on the cross to die really wants all the focus to be about you and what your able to do....or....about his act of LOVE! God is always with you...when it seems like he isn't, the problem isn't that he left you...it's that you LEFT HIM! 

3. God knows hopeless or helpless situations. Your life is not hopeless or helpless or without purpose. You don't randomly exist! There will be...guaranteed....times in your life where you feel hopeless and helpless and it seems like the whole world is caving in on you.  Can I tell you...that majority of the time...you are the one that caused the situations in your life to happen. If your marriage is on the rocks...God didn't cause it! If your broke...God didn't cause it...stupid spending habits did! However, regardless of the cause... God is there and can use a hopeless, helpless situation to bring Glory to himself through you. You face nothing in life alone unless YOU CHOOSE TOO! 

4. God formed every complex detail of our bodies, minds, and spirits. You were created. Period. You didn't evolve over time and certainly aren't you because random luck. Every detail about who you are serves a purpose in this life, and that purpose will always bring Glory to God to show that he can use anybody no matter their difference. 

5. God constantly thinks of us and is concerned with the details of our lives. The reason God cares about the details of your life is because you are part of the details of his life and his plan. You matter. You are part of the large picture and the small picture. You may not feel like God care about you, but feelings are like a roller coaster. One day your feeling good, the other bad. Your feelings can change a moments notice. God is not concerned with your feelings, he cares about your joy. He wants you to have joy centered on him, not centered on your circumstances. Often times your circumstances you created are used by him to bring you closer to him...it just seems like it takes forever because our first reaction is to RUN FROM AND BLAME HIM...why, because it...It's much harder to blame ourselves and then turn to him. 

6. God searches our hearts and purifies our motives. Have you ever done something that started out for the purpose of helping yourself but then it turned in to helping someone else and you found joy in that? Amazing how that happens.The only motive God demands from you is love. He looks for opportunities in our lives that can be used for our benefit, for us to experience true love. The more we experience true love the more we experience God. 
Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to accept somebody? I know I struggle in this area. How can we truely love our neighbor if we can't even accept our neighbor?

I have two best male friends in my life. I have known one since I was a child and other since college. My best friend from college is alot like me. It's easy to get along with him. We share similar interests. Our families get along excellent.  Everything about this relationship is easy. Accepting him for all his faults and features is easy. It is easy to apply the concept of loving my neighbor in this case. I can say openly that I love this best friend. Almost from day one we connected well together. I am sure some of you reading this have similar friends.

My other best friend, that I have known since childhood well... that relationship was not so easy in the beginning. We are polar opposites in almost everything, including our beliefs. I don't have any tattoos, his body is almost covered in them. I try my best not to cuss, he cusses like a sailor. I can remember at my wedding him giving the best man's speech to all our guests with the F-Bomb being droppd like every other word. I mean the pastor who married us even said something and my best friends next word was the F-Bomb followed by another F-Bomb.

I try to have a relationship with my wife that shows my respect to her. He has no problems in telling his wife where to take it and stick it....(I can tell you they have one of the most openly verbal relationships I have ever seen, that is next to his father and mother's. They are my second parents.) In the beginning we fought literally everyday. I am not talking about just verbal, but I am talking about a good can of A** whopping on him. He never stood a chance, but he kept coming back for more every day. And then one day, it was like all of the past was behind us and we are best friends at that point.  Growing up, if I was someplace, he was there and vice versa. It was just how it was. He was my boy. I knew he had my back as much as I had his...even to the point of being escorted out of the state of North Carolina by law enforcement. Yet, we were polar opposities in everything.

As I look back on these friendships that have literally played a part in shaping who I am today ...besides my relationship with Jesus Christ...I realized something.  I don't have to accept my friends actions, behaviors, likes or dislikes or anything else about them to love them. I simply have to accept them for who they are are...God's creation. 

To react to purpose is a life long road. You never just react once and then bam your done....you have to constantly choose to react. Each reaction will be different. In this case, reacting to love somebody that you absolutely feel you can't accept could be a road block. You could come across somebody that you know needs to know Jesus and you could be that person to lead them to Jesus... But if you can't get past accepting them and looking at them as God's creation, how will you ever be able to lead them to Christ?

Can you just imagine if God accepted or in this context... didn't accept people the way we do? Oh my Joseph Smith, who among us would be worth enough to be accepted by God. Oh my Budda, who among us would be worth enough of Jesus' Death on the Cross. The answer....not a one of us.

So what am I saying here? To react 2 your purpsoe you have to learn to accept people for who they are not what they do. It won't be easy.  At times you will have to fight to accept somebody. I did. It took a lot of work on my part pounding the hell out of my friend. But now we are best friends.



Everybody loves the idea of progress, few love the sacrifice it is going to cost to achieve progress.  Progress comes from what we can give up for God, not what we can get from God. Nothing great as ever been achieved without sacrifice. Even Jesus sacrificed himself. 

Sacrifice has to start with the leader first.  You have to be willing to let uncomfortable things happen. As Christians Reacting To Our Purpose, we often times find ourselves in a comfort zone.  We are more concerned about relationships and building friendships to reach people verses repentance and reaching the lost.  There is nothing wrong with relationships and friendships, but if your end goal in reaching people is to make friends and you never focus on spreading the word of God and the message of salvation what good is the friendship? Today, the focus is the relationship first and thru the relationship I will be able to share the word of God because of the friendship.  Somewhere along the lines we have lost sight of following the model Jesus used. He didn’t wait until he was friends with people to reach them. He reached out to them first and then built friendships and relationships second.

The idea of reaching first has become uncomfortable to us.  We are afraid of sacrificing our reputations, images, and time. The last thing we want to be labeled is a Christian religious fanatic that only wants to talk about God.  However, this is exactly what we are called to do.  You can’t progress the kingdom if you are focused on the friendship first. Friendships and relationships take time and trust to build.  However, time is what we don’t have. Time is not on our side. At any moment the person you are waiting to talk to about God until the time is right, which you will know based upon the relationship could die at any moment and not know Christ.  The time you are taking to build the relationship is the time you should be taking to talk about Christ to that person.  If you truly love the person as we are called to do, how much do you have to hate them to wait to tell about Jesus and the eternity in Heaven vs. Hell?

The sacrifice you are going to have to make when REACTING2PURPOSE is this, the urge to build the friendship and relationship first. We all want more friends, and it is only natural to build the friendship. However, if you are building the friendship based upon a future hope, the friendship is like a house built on sand on the beach. It could wash away at any time. What if you never feel the time is right to talk to the person about God? Now, you may be thinking my Christian life will model Jesus love and therefore will naturally impact the friend.  We often time lose sight of the fact that the person doesn’t have the holy spirit in them, so they are blind to your spiritual life. See Act 1:8. 

Time is short to spread the gospel of Christ. Jesus himself said that no one comes to the father except thru him. As a leader Reacting To Your Purpose and Reaching People Far From God are you willing to make the sacrifice?

Choosing to make the right sacrifices, REACTING2PURPOSE
I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more. Isaiah 43:25 NIV

I woke up this morning thanking God that his forgiveness is the stanadard by which all Christians, including myself should strive for.  God's standard of forgiveness means forgetting. Forgetting is not for the benefit of the person that is being forgiven but for the forgiver. When you forgive and forget you  can move forward with your life in peace.  When you forgive and don't forget you stay stationary and the action being forgiven eats away at you on the inside.

There is a transference of God's power when a person seeks forgiveness. The person seeking forgiveness has released the issue and is able to move forward with their life in peace. They no longer have to look back.  The power is transfered away from the person who is to forgive to the person seeking forgiveness. The power of God is the peace that comes from seeking forgiveness. Even if the person chooses not to  forgive, you don't have to hold on to it anymore. The moment you seek forgiveness, a weight is lifted off of you. The person seeking forgiveness chooses to react according to God's example.

Should the forgiver choose not to forgive and forget, the example of forgiveness he is following is not God's but Satans.  Satan's example is to forgive but don't forget. Here is what happens when you follow Satan's example of forgiveness. Everytime you see or hear about the person you are forgiving  is moving forward with their life, you burn with anger, resentment, and you have issues with the person because all they can do is wrong in your eyes. Because you have choosen to not forget, all you can remember is the wrong in a person, and not the good.  You have forgiven but not out of love. This simply is not God's example of forgiveness.

The audicity of someone who has wronged you moving forward with their life. How dare they!  This is what is robbing your peace.

God does not want your peace robbed. How can you move forward focusing on God when you are thinking about how the other person who you have supposably forgiven but not forgotten is moving forward with God?  How would you feel if you sinned against God and He supposably forgave you but did not forget?  How would you feel if He constantly reminded you of your mistake?  What happened to God's grace?  Why did He die on the cross?  

Too many of us Christians have either taken for granted or simply forgotten what love and the grace of God truly means.  Forgiveness is so important that God won't accept your offerings until you fix the situtation.  Choosing to forgive and not forget robs you, not that person who you have forgiven! 

Choose today to forgive and forget like God does. Doing so will unleashe peace into your life like you have never experienced.  Anything less then following God's example of forgiveness is nothing short of being a hypocrite. We already have way to many hypocritical Christians, the world doesn't need another.

REACTING2PURPSOE, Forgive and forget.
You have to live your life ministry showing love not just on Sundays or on special occasions. It has to be all the time and it has to start at home!

It amazes me how badly Christians treat their own family. Can you imagine if God treated you in the same manner as you treat your family? This is an issue that really bothers me because someone close to me deals with this issue from family members that go to church on a regular basis and are even elders in the church.

There is no easy of saying this, so instead of beating around the bush and avoiding the elephant in the room here goes....


They appear to be real on Sundays for the hour or so they are at church in front of others, but then after church is over they are the first ones cussing their fellow brother in the parking lot. Why? Why is it so hard to really show the love of God? This is what the world is screaming at us- Christians, the church, and the God we represent. Show us, show us, show us your love is real! Show us in your actions! Show us in your behavior! Show us in your attitude! Show us in your responses! Show us in everything you do! Show us your life is different from mine because you believe! 

Real love has to start at home first, not on Sundays. Real love has to start with your family first. So your kids mess up, show love! Someone I know  recently was upset at her family over a lost necklace. She searched high and low for it and couldn't find it. The necklace was special because it came from her grandmother. She was in tears about the whole situtation. When we talked to her about it, come to find out that she was in tears not over the necklace but rather the response from her grandmother about it. This person is getting ready to move far away with her husband and she knew that her grandmother was going to be asking for the necklace back after giving it to her. She just knew that her grandmother was going to look down on her and belittle her about loosing the necklace. For this girl, this was difficult for her because her grandmother professed to be a Christian.  How sad! Does this sound like any Christian you know? Does this sound like you?

Thankfully, this girl is strong enough in her faith with the Lord to not let her grandmother tear down her belief in God. Regardless of her strength, her Christian grandmother was not showing the love and grace of God that God shows her. I pray for all those "Christians" that miss showing the love and grace of God at home. Is it any wonder why Christian marriages have the same divorce rate as non-Christian marriages. You can not live your life ministry if you don't first live it at home. If you come to church and try to be holy and loving in front of others to boost your appearance up in their eyes, and your home life is messed up, you need to rethink the audience you need to be holy to! If you wonder why you are having problems at home with your spouse and kids, could be it because you are FAKE, and your family sees it? What  message do you send  about love and God when your actions Monday thru Saturday don't match with your behavior on Sunday? How can you really love others when you don't love right at home? You can't! Reacting to your purpose in life, starts at home. Until you realize this, you are stuck on a treadmill going nowhere fast. It is that simple.  The world needs more REAL Christians showing the REAL LOVE OF GOD in everything they do! Choose today to show the REAL LOVE OF GOD!
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