I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more. Isaiah 43:25 NIV

I woke up this morning thanking God that his forgiveness is the stanadard by which all Christians, including myself should strive for.  God's standard of forgiveness means forgetting. Forgetting is not for the benefit of the person that is being forgiven but for the forgiver. When you forgive and forget you  can move forward with your life in peace.  When you forgive and don't forget you stay stationary and the action being forgiven eats away at you on the inside.

There is a transference of God's power when a person seeks forgiveness. The person seeking forgiveness has released the issue and is able to move forward with their life in peace. They no longer have to look back.  The power is transfered away from the person who is to forgive to the person seeking forgiveness. The power of God is the peace that comes from seeking forgiveness. Even if the person chooses not to  forgive, you don't have to hold on to it anymore. The moment you seek forgiveness, a weight is lifted off of you. The person seeking forgiveness chooses to react according to God's example.

Should the forgiver choose not to forgive and forget, the example of forgiveness he is following is not God's but Satans.  Satan's example is to forgive but don't forget. Here is what happens when you follow Satan's example of forgiveness. Everytime you see or hear about the person you are forgiving  is moving forward with their life, you burn with anger, resentment, and you have issues with the person because all they can do is wrong in your eyes. Because you have choosen to not forget, all you can remember is the wrong in a person, and not the good.  You have forgiven but not out of love. This simply is not God's example of forgiveness.

The audicity of someone who has wronged you moving forward with their life. How dare they!  This is what is robbing your peace.

God does not want your peace robbed. How can you move forward focusing on God when you are thinking about how the other person who you have supposably forgiven but not forgotten is moving forward with God?  How would you feel if you sinned against God and He supposably forgave you but did not forget?  How would you feel if He constantly reminded you of your mistake?  What happened to God's grace?  Why did He die on the cross?  

Too many of us Christians have either taken for granted or simply forgotten what love and the grace of God truly means.  Forgiveness is so important that God won't accept your offerings until you fix the situtation.  Choosing to forgive and not forget robs you, not that person who you have forgiven! 

Choose today to forgive and forget like God does. Doing so will unleashe peace into your life like you have never experienced.  Anything less then following God's example of forgiveness is nothing short of being a hypocrite. We already have way to many hypocritical Christians, the world doesn't need another.

REACTING2PURPSOE, Forgive and forget.