Nobody enjoys failure. However, times of failure not only reveal your true character, but also present opportunities for significant lessons. One of the hardest lessons to learn about failure is where to  place the blame. When we fail, we most often look at external reasons as to why we failed. This didn't work, that didn't work, he or she did or didn't do something. We are quick to pass the reason to something or someone other than ourselves. The lesson we haven't learned is that our willingness to take responsibility for our actions demonstrates the depth of our character. 

We see this in the story of David and the census. (1 Chronicles 21:1-17) Following a major victory over the Philistines, King David made a major mistake. The king chose to listen to Satan , stopped trusting God for the defense of his nation, and undertook a census. His pride in the growth of his kingdom blinded his judgement. David ignored spiritual counsel and failed most people do at some point in the life. 

David's willingness to approach God and take responsibility for his actions demonstrated his depth of character. David refused to place blame...even though the scriptures states he was provoked by Satan. Of all the times to use the excuse, "the Devil made me do it" this was it. Surely God would understand that Satan did to David what Satan did to Job. Surely God would understand and forgive this man who after all was a man after his own heart. Did David use this excuse....nope. Instead, he repented and accepted punishment from the hand of God, acknowledging the mercy of God and trusting in the grace of God. The price of David's failure was 70,000 lives. 

We all face failures in life. Our character is tested and revealed during our times of failure. Who you choose to blame has profound effects on future failures. We all know people who fail at the same thing over and over again...this by definition is insanity.  David learned from his failure with God. His choice to count his soldiers revealed he was beginning to place more confidence in his troops then he was in the power of God, as a result he failed. His choice to seek God for his punishment and accept the responsibility proved his divine dependency. This was a victory. When you face failures in life realize YOU are the decision away from victory.