Have you ever felt empty in life? It's not a fun feeling at all...but sometimes...emptiness can be a wonderful gift. There is something about "nothing" that moves God's hand. He created something from nothing. We see this in the picture of creation but more importantly we see this in how God moves in people who are empty. He loves leading us to empty places where we can lean on nothing except his provision. Sometimes in life when you feel like you are not experiencing God's presence and provision it could be because you aren't empty enough. Could it be that we are still distracted and dependent on ourselves? 

There is an story about Running On "E" in 2 Kings.  One day Elisha meets a woman with nothing- no husband, no income, no food, and no prospects of change on the horizon. The prophet Elisha tells her to gather what she has, and she returns with a jar of oil and several empty jars from neighbors. She begins to pour her oil into the empty jars, and she keeps pouring until all the jars are full. Only then does the oil in the first jar run out. It's amazing that she gets as much oil as she has empty jars. 

Here is the point.

1. Emptiness is a gift from God not a punishment from God. We often look at it as some sort of punishment. As a a result, we often find ourselves questioning the promises and the validity of the Lord, instead of being thankful for the gift.  

2. Emptiness tells us we have a need.  We naturally like to take care of our own needs, yet we have a father that wants to provide for us. We ask for his provisions while attempting to attain the very provision we are asking for....ourselves. 

3. It is possible that we may not be empty enough. Notice it wasn't until the woman was completely empty before she came to Elisha. Often times our lack of complete emptiness prevents us from coming to the Lord because there is a flicker of hope we can fix the issue. 

4. We must admit our emptiness. Admitting your emptiness to God admits your need for him. 

5. Only God can truly fill us.