A year ago around this time, my friend and I were driving to Lynchburg, Va to attend a mens conference, and on our way down there we passed a younger looking man walking along side the road hitch hiking. Now we could see him from a distance, long before we ever got to him. I remember us having a conversation about how wonderful and exciting this years mens conference was going to be.  As we approached this young man our conversation changed to him. We talked about how he looked like he was in need and there were two of us to only one of him so we didn't have anything to worry about...we could take him if we had too. But that we should stop and see if we can help him.  And we kept talking about it, and saying we should....and then it happened. 

We drove right by him. We didn't even slow down to make the effort to stop. As we drove right by we both felt it inside of us.   We both felt like we needed to go back. We felt like we had just missed out. Have you ever felt like this before? You just see somebody and you feel it inside of you...you feel something inside of your spirit telling you, nudging you to take action for that person. We both talked about how we were feeling like we needed to turn around and go back...but we never did. 

As we continued our drive to Lynchburg, we talked about the spirit moving, how wonderful God is, how great Christians we are, how awesome it is that we get to go to this mens conference. We talked about how much we needed this conference to "recharge the batteries." We talked about how awesome it is to experience God but that both of us were feeling like we were in the wilderness at that particular time in life and this conference we both hopped would be the perfect pick me up. 

Looking back...as I type this, I feel it again in my spirit that we should have stopped. I feel like we missed out. I can't explain why... but have you ever felt this way before? 

So what was it that prevent us from stopping that day? In one word...COURAGE

We had an opportunity to experience Jesus, to be the salt and light...but we both lacked courage in that moment. Here's the deal....we don't stand alone when it comes to lacking courage.  Courage is RISK...being willing to do the unpopular to accomplish the unforgettable. 

So many Christians lack the courage to approach someone they don't know. What's more....most Christians lack the courage to spread the gospel to those they do know! It's almost as if they believe that being a Christian is the unpopular thing, and so they wait for the "right moments" when a conversation between two friends turns to God. 

So why do Christians lack the courage...even with their friends? I believe the answer likes in their lack of understanding and realizing that their courage doesn't come from within them, but that it comes from the father and him being sufficient enough for them. We choose to not do the unpopular because we look for and place more value of the approval of others on us then we do the fathers approval. When we learn this simple fact that the only approval that matters the most in our lives is his it gives us a new power and boldness to step out in faith and with courage. When we seek to be popular with God we will do the unpopular tasks like stopping to pick up a young man who needed help, to leave an unforgettable mark. 

I can only imagine the conversations that could have happened had us two Christians stopped to help that young man. I can only imagine that we may have been able to lead him to Jesus that day. That we may have been able to possibly...for the first time in his life show him true unconditional love. That for those brief moments that he would have been in the car with us that it would have a been a transformational moment in his life. That although he was looking for the transaction of getting from point A to point B, two Christians living to be popular with Jesus first was looking for the opportunity to transform his life. That our focus and courage do the unpopular would lead the unforgettable in his life. That one day he would look back and say it was at that moment in his life that he first experienced Jesus. 

Like I said, I can only imagine...I don't know about you, but I don't want to live a life imagining...I want to live a life experiencing. 

Hello world! There has been a surge in the Christian world over the last several months on the topic of courage. At the end of the day, Courage can be summed up like this...RISK! Courage is risky. 

You can't be courageous without taking risk. So Courage is RISK. And if this is the case what is Risk? What allows you to RISK? 

Here is four points of RISK...

Responsibility:  Courage creates as need within you to step out, without knowing the result or outcome.

Initiative: Courage causes you to act even when no one else goes before.

Sacrifice: Courage causes you to sacrifice what is needed, possibly even your life to get the job done. 

Knowledge: Courage causes you trust your decision. Too often in life we second guess our decisions only to find ourselves in the trap of not making a decision at all. 

Next time you find yourself in a situation where Courage is needed...consider taking a RISK. 

Until next time...