Ever had a bad day? Of course you have, we all have them. Every leader experiences both good and bad days. Even God's greatest leaders became discouraged. The weeping prophet Jeremiah gives us insight into the heart of a leader who was having a bad day. In Jeremiah 20 we see him complaining to God. He starts by pouring out his bad day in the first 10 verses. The next 4 verses we see him praising God for his victories, then in the next 5 verses he curses the day he was born. Jeremiah was clearly riding the roller coaster of happiness. 

But God doesn't call us to be happy...he calls us to have joy. Clearly looking at Jeremiah there must be a difference because when you read Jeremiah 20 he doesn't seem too happy. So here is the question....

On your bad day are you going to give up or get up? More importantly than just deciding to get up....is how to get up from your bad day. Here are 10 quick thoughts to help you...

1. Rise above self-pity. Failure is an attitude, not just an outcome. 
2. Think positively. Success comes by going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm. 
3. Learn from your experiences. Failure isn't failure unless you learn nothing from it. Thomas Edison was once quoted saying when asked about failing a thousands at the light bulb, "I learned a 1000 ways of how not to do it!" 
4. See alternatives. All successful leaders vary their approaches. 
5. Develop a sensor of humor. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people and the fastest way to gain perspective. 
6. Be realistic. The first job a leader is to define reality. So often we fail mentally at a reality that we believed existed but didn't. When we don't meet our created reality, we view ourselves as a failure. 
7. Be willing to establish new or re-establish new goals. Failure is an opportunity to begin again, but more intelligently. Even the best fail at goals. But the failure is only failure when you quit. 
8. Develop a passion. Your own resolution to succeed counts for more than anything else. 
9. Broaden your base of support. No single venture should support your entire emotional life. 
10. Separate your self-worth from your performance. A positive self-image prepares you for success. God never looks at your worth based on your performance. He calls you to perform because of your worth.

What you value in life determines your character and your character defines who you are...

Here are 10 Core Values of Jesus as defined by himself in Matthew 6-7

1. Do the Right Things for the Right Reasons: Is your heart to be noticed by what you do by others, or by Jesus? You can do all the good works you want and if your works is based on your ego being elevated...than that is your reward.  

2. Pray God's agenda...not your own! Are you asking God for your agenda to be accomplished or his?

3. The relationship you keep will make you or break you. You just might have to let go some friends that are keeping you from moving to the next step of faith and glory. Imagine if Abraham would have listened to his friends and stayed instead of listening to God and going. Your very relationships could be what is keeping you stationary and not experiencing all that God is.  

4. Keep your persepective on eternal things...not temoral things. Are you more worried about the water bill than the creator of the water itself. We so often get focused on the things here and now, and those things take up our attention instead of God.  

5. Don't sweat the small stuff. Are you worrying about tomorrow and what it has to offer instead of living in today?

6. God's kindgom is paramount...seek it first above all else.

7. Judge yourself before you decide to judge others. You are not perfect! Judging yourself keeps you humble and compassionate.

8. If you need something ask. If you have something give it! Try asking God for what you want...he wants to give it to you. He also wants you to be willing to give what you have! When you heart is set on him and not your stuff, you vision is clear. When you heart is set on your stuff you vision is focused on the stuff.

9. Stay true to your convictions.

10. Obdedience to God is the only sure foundation.