Have you ever noticed in scripture how Jesus seems to challenge commitment. For example, during a storm he questions his disciples faith because they feared the storm. Jesus issues some tough challenges to potential followers about what it means to follow him. Sometimes it's almost as if Jesus was screening his audience and testing their level of commitment to Him and the kingdom.  I have found this testing to be true in the my own life. Not once in scripture did Jesus beg someone to follow him. In fact, he often sifted through His followers to see what they were made of and where they stood. Here is three things I want you to know about Jesus and Commitment. 

1. Jesus' clarified the commitment. In Matthew 8:18-22 When Jesus saw the crowd he knew it was time to clarify the cost to follow him. One of his followers committed to following him, but first wanted to bury his father. Jesus response was Follow Me and let the dead bury the dead. Following Jesus was the most important commitment you could make. It had to be first, as there was nothing more important than him.  So often in life we place worldly priorities in front of our commitment to Jesus. We mistake the decision of acceptance for the act of commitment.  We believe that because we have accepted we have committed. I find it hilarious how most people struggle through a 45 minute message on Sunday. If the service starts to run a little long they become frustrated. If you can't commit to sitting through a 45 minute message how on earth are you going to deal with an eternity of worship? Commitment is placing the priorities of the kingdom in front of your priorities. 

2. Jesus' credibility for our commitment. In Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus proved his clarification of the commitment by controlling the wind and waves. Here's the deal the wind and waves were beating up the ship. The disciples went to him saying save us, and he challenged their faith because they didn't realize the were already saved. Then Jesus does a great miracle and calms the wind and waves. For some your ship is being beaten to pieces right now because of the storms you are in and you have yet to commit to Jesus. He is in your boat, like he was with the disciples. They just didn't believe in him in that way. To them he was the "great teacher, the Lord". Just the same as he is to you. It wasn't until they reached a point of accepting him as the "Lord, powerful enough to control the wind and waves," that the storm stopped. Jesus want's your complete commitment and faith and is powerful enough to prove to you he deserves it. 

3. Jesus' challenge for our commitment. In Matthew 8:28-34 There is a story of two Demon possessed men. Jesus casts the demons out in some pigs, the men go and tell the town and the towns people come and ask Jesus to leave.  In Gadara, Jesus divided the cautious, the curious and the committed. The presence of Jesus will always cause you to make a decision about your commitment. Your decision to commitment will determine your MORE or your LACK. In Gadara, the towns people heard about a great miracle and then asked Jesus to leave...missing out on so much more Jesus could have done. So often in our lives we miss out on "The More" because we believe the commitment will cause "A Lack."  We feel that we will be missing out on something because the commitment has taken that somethings place.  

If you are looking to experience God in a way that you have never before, you may be only a decision away.