How God moved in all of this. (Part 1)

Prior to going to the Expotential Conference in Orlando, Fl in April, most of Reaction Church was a dream. I took a job in the area for 4 months whereI thought (key word "I") God would be planting Reaction Church. I did this to get a better feel for the needs of the community.

I had been praying for the community, the specific spot God wanted us and how he was going to pay for his bill. I also had been praying for God to place in my path the right people I needed to meet at Expotential

Where I worked is important... because there was a church there that I had been wanting to connect with. God is really blessing them and they were a portable church like we are.  In addition, during my research of church planting on line, I came across another church that I wanted to connect with as well as they were influentiall in the shaping of our launch plan.

I had a round trip ticket purchased for me to attend the conference but my grandfather came up from FL and asked me to drive back down there with him, which meant I would miss the flight down. So I did, no worries right....wrong! (As i would later find out) but I get to the conference and reveiw the schedule of the breakout sessions I wanted to attend. On the last day, I was praying thru the break out session for that day and felt like I needed to make a last minute change. So I did, and went to a break out session different from the one I had planned to attend. I get to the break out session a few minutes early and began to talk to the speaker of the session...the usual small talk, where are from....that sort of thing. Well they said NOVA, I said I was from NOVA. They said where, I said we would be planting in Gainesville, they said that is we are at! I asked what church... and when they said their was the very church I was praying about to connect in regards to the launch plan.

In regards to the flight home, I was at the airport trying to check in and I couldn't. I had to go to the ticket counter. So I did and come to find out...because I didn't fly down my round trip ticket was cancelled. Originially they wanted $1800 to fly one way home, but I begged and pleaded with them explaining the situtation and they let my fly home for $150.00 but I had to chekc my bag on which costed another $50.00. Well that sucked...or so I thought. Because I checked my luggage on when the other pastors I was flying with didn't, that meant I had to go to baggage claim while they waited. Now here is were God moved again. While waiting for my bags I saw these guys sitting down at baggage claim waiting for their bags. I noticed they had a conference packet like mine. They noticed me and we struck up a conversation. Again the usual small talk...where are you from. I told them and they said, "so are we" I asked them, "what church" they told their church. It wa the very church I was praying about to connect with. The one that is portable. We we all ended up riding the same bus to together because they parked in the same parking section we did.

Well, I connected with them, after the fact and they have been suppporting us since then. We meet once a month in a informal planting meeting. Out of which came the idea for supporting the Grab Your Groceries....

To be continued in Part 2