What's up world. It has been a while since I last posted on my blog. Sometimes as a leader you have to step away from what you have planted to actually survey what was planted. Maintaining a daily blog is ALOT of WORK, especially if you actually want to impact people. With that said, I am back now and excited to start posting again. 

As I have been studying Moses leadership I want to share with you 8 thing about a God Chosen Leader.

1. God gives the leader an emotional investment in the work. When you are chosen by God to leader you are "All In." Moses "bought into" the idea of freeing the Hebrews from bondage even before God called him to the task. You have to drink the kool-aid and actually like it. There is nothing worse than a leader who leads to be admired and ultimately placed on pedestal. We have all met leaders and possibly followed rock-star leaders to one day be abandoned and betrayed by that leader. Their investment was not in the work to be done but for the glory of the work to be done. A real leader is first but chooses to be second. 

2. God affirms the leader through others. When Moses told Jethro about his encounter at the burning bush, his father-in-law affirmed him. A leader chosen by God will naturally be affirmed by others seeking God. 

3. God gives the leader mentors. You can't lead if you are not first being led yourself. . Moses asked for and received help from Jethro, Aaron and others. You can tell a God led leader by the other God led leaders he surrounds himself with. 

4. God builds on the leader's strengths, experiences, and background. God used everything in Mose's background to help him fulfill his calling: the fine education he received in Egypt, his knowledge of Pharaoh, his understanding of Egypt, his time in the wilderness and even the murder he committed. As a God led leader you will NOT be perfect, you will NOT come from a perfect background, and your past will NOT be pefect. You will have skeletons in the closet but God can and will use all of that to strengthen you as a leader. The key is not trying to hide your past. 

5. God often refines the leader's character in obscurity. Moses received a 40 year seminary education in the desert. Your formal schooling does not make a better leader. Your experiences do. A God led leader understands this and embraces this fact. 

6. God instills in the leader the value of hard work. Moses may not have worked much in the Egyptian palace, but he learned its worth in the desert. You can tell the value of a leader by the work he is willing to do. Most leaders led by dictating orders, instead of creating an example for others to follow. 

7. God sustains the leader with a powerful vision. Moses caught the vision of the Promised Land long before the Hebrew slaves did. Jesus first disciples caught the vision literally when Jesus taught them physically about the catch in Luke 5 and then called them to follow him by telling them they would now be fishers of men. WIthout vision the people parish the bible tells us, without vision the leader also parishes. 

8. God brings others alongside the leader to compensate for their weaknesses. Moses enjoyed the help of Aaron as spokesman, Joshua as general, and Hur as battle supporter. Most leaders fall into the trap of trying to be great at everything. One of the best lessons a leader can learn is to focus all their efforts on what they are great at and let others who are great at their weaknesses lead. In other words a God led leader understands the importance of shared leadership to achieve a vision. You can tell the difference between a God led leader and ego led leader by the leaders they build up and surround themselves with.